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Their Challenge

Knobelsdorff Electric Inc., a family-owned business, came to us as a referral from one of our other clients, Mead Metals.  KEI was struggling with a challenge that lots of companies would love to have: they have work and plenty of it. They need qualified applicants to keep pace with that growth. From interns to project managers to journeyman electricians, KEI had some big recruiting goals in mind. And of course they don’t  just need any applicants - they need the right ones.


Our Solution

Our first area of focus was the website. The old version didn’t have clear calls-to-action for prospective employees. A “Quick Apply” button started yielding applications almost immediately.

Next, our team invested time in developing personas. This type of research helped us to hone in on the right approach to help KEI attract awesome applicants. We needed to know where and how the ideal applicant gathers information so that we could make sure that KEI was there to meet them.

KEI is an industry leader in their field and as such, a solid content marketing plan was sure to draw in more visitors, leads and - most importantly - applicants. KEI is now the proud owner of an active blog, chock full of information about the electrical services industry and what it’s like to work at KEI.

Additionally, we developed some printed materials for KEI to use at trade shows and other recruitment events.

Stats Galore!

New Job
Job App LP
Conversion Rate


Britteny Boe | HR Assistent & Recruiter, Knobelsdorff Electrical, Inc.

The Results

In short? Applicants. Good applicants. While the overall goal of any recruitment campaign is to generate awareness and stockpile great candidates for the pipeline, there's a byproduct to the effort: brand awareness. Through its ongoing recruitment campaign, Knobelsdorff Electrical Inc. also increase its brand visibility and reinstated its stronghold on the electrical industry in the Midwest.









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