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Their Challenge

It all started back in 2016. A blissful day in the marketing world brought together Lushin Inc. and Leighton Interactive. Lushin, a sales and management consulting business, came to us looking for some help with their PR initiatives. They already had lots of content available on their website but needed our help to optimize their website and cultivate the user’s through the entire buyer’s journey.


Our Solution

To initiate their public relations outreach, we utilized preexisting video content, edited it to cater towards their brand, and distributed it to increase their web presence. We also started managing their paid search, which accumulated 540 visits and 10 contacts in six months. By sharing videos within social posts and blog content, we were able to capture current clients, entice prospective clients, and expand their reach and knowledge reputation.

We also connected with watering hole publications and websites that could potentially feature Lushin’s resources, driving more traffic to the site.

Stats Galore!

During the campaign, from July to October …

Increase In
Page Views
Increase In
Social Visits

"Leighton Interactive stepped in when our social media efforts had plateaued and our site visits were decreasing. They took the lead on this project and executed a plan that drove results. The team at Leighton stepped in and got our marketing efforts back on track at a time when marketing was low on my priority list. Their hard work and know-how allowed me to focus on what I needed to accomplish, feeling confident that our marketing was in capable hands. The team at Leighton Interactive was easy to work with and got results. What more could you ask for?"

Taryn Dreyer Elliott | Marketing and Business Development Professional, Lushin

The Results

During the campaign, from July to October, the video pages saw an increase in views month over month. October showed the largest increase with 1,748 views, up 919 from September. We also saw an increase in visits on their social media channels strictly generated from their video campaign. Their Facebook saw 119 visits, LinkedIn saw 83 visits, and Twitter saw 33 visits. Social ads proved to be very powerful at expanding Lushin’s reach to interested parties.



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