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Conversion Rate Increase from 25% to 38%

Originally, Mead Metals came to us for a new website. Their existing website just wasn’t cutting it. The site was around seven years old, and it wasn’t working for them anymore. It wasn’t mobile friendly, and it wasn’t something they were particularly proud of. Instead of portraying them as the modern, highly-specialized company they were, it was just a website. A website that didn’t help them serve their customers as well as it could.

About Mead Metals

Mead Metals is a Minnesota-based metal supplier. They occupy a specific niche of their industry by providing high-quality specialty metals in both large and small quantities. Beyond materials, they also provide numerous in-house machining services and their staff bring an unmatched level of customer service and expertise. Since the early 1960s, Mead Metals has been providing metal materials and finishing services to customers in all types of industry. And they’ve been our partner since 2016.

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Their Challenge

Mead Metals’ old website didn’t portray them as a modern, customer-oriented company. It didn’t provide an intuitive experience for new and existing customers, and it didn’t highlight their products and services as well as it could. And just as important, the website didn’t function as a 24/7 sales tool.

The website already had a “fast quote” form that was converting at 25%, but we believed that by updating the current website with a new look, highly-organized and optimized content, and an intuitive design that their conversion rate would increase.    

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Our Solution

We started by listening to Mead Metals and developing an understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers. From there, we mapped out the buyer’s journey and developed an intuitive website design based on that data. We gave them a simple, yet effective, homepage navigation that allowed users to understand what information they could find on the site and quickly know where they needed to go to find what they wanted.

By organizing the highly-technical website content in ways that was easy for customers to navigate and consume, they are able to quickly scan web pages to find out:

  • Who Mead Metals is
  • What products and services they sell
  • How they sell them

This focus on the user experience helped prepare more website visitors to become interested buyers. The final piece was focusing on the existing “fast quote” form. We developed a custom form that was less intimidating without removing the essential information Mead Metals needed to collect. Before working with us, the “fast quote” form had a conversion rate of 25%. Almost immediately after launching their new website, their conversion rate started increasing until it reached 38%. Not only that, but the conversion rate has held steady at 38% for a full calendar year, and it shows no signs of lowering.

The Results

Since launching on the HubSpot COS in April of 2017 …

Quick Quote
Conversion Rate


Brian Rothstein | Director of Sales, Mead Metals

The Rest is History

Even though Mead Metals first came to us for a new website, our relationship has grown to where we are their marketing department. We’ve continued to work with them to develop a digital resource library, a social media presence, a newsletter, a blog, and more. They look to us to provide guidance on how to set and achieve business goals and how to use the  CRM.






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