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Over 28,000 Paid Search Sessions, 54 new Paid Search Contacts, and 2 Paid Search Customers Contacts in the last 12 Months!

When Miller Auto Plaza first came to us, they had a very specific need. They wanted a new website, a wealth of high-quality, relevant content, and help with their social media presence. We were psyched. Designing and building websites that are helpful and intuitive is sort of our specialty. We developed an inbound marketing campaign specifically designed to attract website visitors and nurture them toward becoming customers.

That first year, we put two solid campaigns out - one focused on auto sales and the others on service - which gave them that wealth of content they were looking for. And at the end of those campaigns, Miller Auto Plaza had uncovered a new need: media buying.

About Miller Auto Plaza

Miller Auto Plaza is an auto dealership with over 80 years of history in Central Minnesota. From humble beginnings as a small repair shop in the 1930s to its current status as a growing and thriving auto dealership, service center, and marine dealer, Miller Auto Plaza has continued to serve its community. Now, with over 200 employees, Miller Auto Plaza is still a family-owned fixture in the community. And they also realized that they needed to build out a digital presence in order to keep their brand strong and stay top-of-mind with their customers.

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Their Challenge

Within the auto industry, they’re experiencing a change in buyer behavior. The way buyers are researching and making their purchase decision has gone digital. So, many dealerships are looking to put their dollars into digital efforts. They know the average car buyer isn’t coming to the store first. Brand loyalty isn’t as strong as it used to be. Now that buyer behaviors have changed, Miller Auto Plaza was looking for a way to get in front of buyers and show them who Miller Auto Plaza is as a brand.

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Our Solution

To meet Miller Auto Plaza’s need to build a digital presence, we developed a strategy for digital ad placement. Since car buyers are using intent-driven searches to find the vehicle that meets their needs long before they ever set foot in a dealership, we needed to have Miller Auto Plaza show up wherever it was they were searching.

We developed text ads, display ads, and YouTube ads that reached could-be customers when they were researching online. This digital ad placement campaign brought Miller Auto Plaza’s marketing efforts into the 21st century and gave them the opportunity to continue meeting buyers while they were still in the research process.

Stats Galore!

In the last 12 months, through our Paid Media efforts...


“We’ve been really happy with the paid campaign, how they [the ads] are showing up and how it’s going is what we were looking for.”

Chance Haakonson | General Manager, Miller Auto Plaza

The Rest is History

Initially, Miller Auto Plaza came to us with a specific need: a new website and a solid content library. Then, they wanted us to expand into the world of media buying, which we developed and implemented. Since the very beginning, our relationship has been one of continuous improvement. 






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