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Their Challenge

Miller Marine has been a Leighton Interactive client since 2016. We’d been working for a sister company, Miller Auto Plaza, and Miller Marine saw the benefits of that partnership. Our inbound marketing campaigns for Miller Auto yielded a significant increase in organic web traffic, for example. Miller Marine knew that they could benefit from content marketing services, too. They saw the value.

The biggest challenge that Miller Marine faced is that their business model relies on the sale of a luxury item: boats. Sales can fluctuate wildly based on the health of the economy at any given time.

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Our Solution

We were able to provide the sales staff with solid data showing that potential boat buyers almost always shop online before coming to the showroom. Therefore, getting data into their hands of those prospects is critical. We evaluated their website and developed a plan to help Miller Marine optimize their content, headings, and calls to action in order to target a higher conversion rate.

Additionally, our team helped Miller Marine build a solid content marketing plan. An active, well-planned blog attracts a steady stream of visitors to Miller Marine’s digital content. The topics are centered around topics that show potential boat buyers that boat ownership is more affordable than they think and what they might expect if they visit the dealership in person.

Stats Galore!

Year to date, their website has seen:

Increase In
Increase In
Increase In

"We had an opportunity to help Miller Marine stand out amongst their competitors through something that their competitors have very little of: Content. By creating valuable, targeted content, we were able to give Miller Marine an edge in their market. We enjoyed working with the Miller Marine team to create digital strategies that included everything from website to paid media placement. "

Emily Pederson | Account Manager, Leighton Interactive

The Results

As a result of our inbound marketing efforts, Miller Marine saw increased traffic and leads. They were able to meet and exceed their goals.

Content and Social



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