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The Challenge

Nameless Catering isn’t just a wedding caterer. They are much more than that. But how were they going to tell the world that white dresses with bite-sized desserts wasn’t the only celebration they knew how to serve?

Based out of Indianapolis, Nameless Catering is a catering company ready to serve any wedding or corporate event, every day of the week. They came to Leighton Interactive in 2017 for a website rehaul. They were stuck in the traditional catering rut of wedding parties. They wanted to show the world that their company was great at party food, but also everyday food options. Their vision being to bring catering into the cafeteria.


The Solution

In order to convey their accessibility, we redesigned the layout and graphics of their website. We wanted Nameless Catering to be distinguished as a wedding and corporate catering company and feature the differences between those events. We added a menu, tasting, and quick quote section so users could easily assess how much their services would cost. We created separate landing pages for wedding and corporate, respectively, to highlight the difference in menu items and services Nameless offers.

We resurrected the wedding page, by refining the copy some and integrated all of the existing pages pertaining to weddings into the one landing page. The corporate page was a completely new creation, with custom designed layout and graphics and copy that embodies the Nameless culture. We also constructed a testimonial page and photo gallery to show off Nameless Caterings great work and delectable food. We also created an email follow-up process for business inquiries and blue-printed CTA placements for best results.

Across the entire website, we established a singular brand with consistent font, color, and formatting. In our opinion, the website is pretty kick-butt!

Stats Galore!

Since the website re-launch on January 15th, 2018...

Increase In
Increase In
Increase In
Session Duration

"Working on Nameless Catering’s website was invigorating! Jeremy is such a dynamic person, and has created an incredibly strong brand. It was an honor to bring that brand to life with a website that highlighted the most important aspect: The food."

Jen Keul | Vice President, Leighton Interactive

The Results

Since the website relaunch on January 15th, 2018 the site has had 10,995 sessions, 7,348 users, 35,649 pageviews, 3.24 pages per session, and a 3:16 minute session duration. That’s a 15.49 percent increase in sessions, a 13.7 percent increase in users, a 33.25 percent increase in pageviews, 15.38 percent increase in pages per session, and a 12.59 percent increase in session duration. To give you reference, industry standards are around 2-5 percent. These results are ... huge.





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