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Their Challenge

Next Monday, a leadership and business consulting company, came to us in 2015. Our partnership with them initially started by utilizing their services for individual and professional coaching. Through this partnership, potential blossomed that we wanted to share with everyone else. Next Monday is passionate and committed, willing to do whatever it takes to find the individuals who are seeking their solution(s). But not everyone who is seeking help is going to use it, and they were struggling to separate individuals who they thought or hoped were interested or ready for life coaching from individuals who were not. They enlisted our help in spreading the word, creating a buzz about who they were and what they could do for their customers.

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Our Solution

We wanted to play to their strengths, their connections, their engaging personalities, and their fiery passion. During our planning sessions and kickoff meetings we knew the approach had to be different; had to be unique. With limited budget, we decided to flip our strategy on its head and start with a podcast – leaving emails, copy, and necessary CTA placement to follow.

A podcast was uncharted territory for us, but we knew we had to start it like we would any campaign, strategy, and inbound plan. We started with goals. To shape the podcast, we gave it an ultimate function – to attract listeners and build a brand. Next, we hammered out themes, suggested topics, a name (White Gloves Off), and a purpose. We covered every inch of detail of the podcast project. We did our due diligence on the world of podcasting and recording studios (thanks to Leighton Broadcasting for the equipment access) and how to navigate data in iTunes and blubrry – a podcasting community, directory, and media interface.

Together, we built an audience of podcast listeners based off of perfectly built personas and Next Monday’s robust network.

Stats Galore!

In six months …

In the Top 10%
of Podcasts

“Who knew?! (OK, I am going to date myself right now.) When I first heard the term podcast I was like, what the heck is a podcast? Hey now, in my defense it WAS only 2015. Fun true fact, I am listening to a podcast as I write this. It’s true … the saying about old dogs learning new tricks. Podcasts are currently MY favorite way to learn. I am SO thrilled that I trusted and listened to Leighton Interactive and their recommendation to do a podcast. It never mattered to me that this would be their first. When LI commits to anything they COMMIT. And they set real goals, stretch goals that are in support of driving business. LI understands accountability and they start with themselves. It might sound kind of corny, but in the process of creating this podcast dreams come true. The Next Monday White Gloves Off Podcast is forever a part of our foundation and our story. I am beyond grateful for my friends at LI.”

Michelle Pape | Owner, Next Monday

The Results

Our initial (and somewhat lofty) goal was to publish 12 podcasts and have 2,000 downloads within the first 12 months (Dec. 2015 - Dec. 2016). To put into perspective, if a podcast has more than 3,400 downloads, it’s in the top 10 percent, according to The School of Podcasting. In six months we had 11 published podcasts and 4,094 downloads.

Over 5,000 new podcasts were added to iTunes in 2015, so there was a lot of clutter, but White Gloves Off cut through it all successfully.  



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