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They’re still using the personas we built them... and they came back for more.

When we first met with Room & Board, it was clear they have a strong brand, a clear vision, and a loyal customer base. They were doing a lot of things exceptionally well, but there was just one area that wasn’t quite connecting for them. Recruitment and hiring. Specifically, they were struggling to hire delivery associates in just about every market they served. We saw their struggle and realized it was also an opportunity. What we believed Room & Board needed was unlike anything we’d ever taken on, but we’re never ones to shy away from a challenge. So, we set out to develop an innovative approach that would help Room & Board where they needed it most.

About Room & Board

Room & Board is a modern furniture and home decor retailer, creating exclusive contemporary designs for modern living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They believe expertly crafted modern furniture offers the best value in terms of quality, design longevity, and environmental sustainability. For more than 35 years, they have created modern furnishings designed to be practical, timeless, and comfortable. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Room & Board has locations all across the United States.


Their Challenge

To say that Room & Board is selective in their hiring process is quite the understatement. Their brand, culture, vision, and purpose are so strong that they are only interested in hiring individuals that  are a good fit. But the individuals they wanted to hire were not who was applying for their open positions. They were short staffed, but they weren’t willing to compromise their hiring standards. Instead, Room & Board needed a new approach to their existing problem.

There was definitely a disconnect somewhere, and we were ready to uncover it. For Room & Board, delivery associates provide a vital component of the customer experience. These are the people who are bringing products into customers’ homes, oftentimes meeting and interacting with buyers. It’s essential that their delivery associates be impeccable representatives of their brand.


Our Solution

First, we set out to find out who their ideal candidates would be. To do this, we got to know their current delivery associates:

  • Who were they?
  • What components of the position and the company stood out to them?
  • What made them want to be a part of Room & Board?
  • What made them want to stay and build their careers there?

We were going to use this information to build out personas to help Room & Board attract and identify individuals who would be a great fit for their available positions.

Using the information gathered from brand research, Room & Board employee interviews from each market, independent online research, and a fair amount of data mining, we built out a representation of who these ideal delivery associates were, what their drivers and motivators were, and why they were passionate about working with Room & Board.

From there, we built out target profiles specific to each market Room & Board had a need in, developed a strategy to reach ideal candidates using digital means, packaged up all of our relevant research, and delivered it to Room & Board.

Stats Galore!


Social Survey

"Room & Board has an incredible brand and an even more amazing work ethic and mentality. We fell in love with the business from the moment we walked into one of their offices, and have been so excited to work with them ever since. We’ve done some very unique market research and data analysis for Room & Board campaigns. Working seamlessly with their marketing department has been a wonderful experience."

Jen Keul | Vice President, Leighton Interactive

The Rest is History

To this day, Room & Board still relies on the profiles, research, and strategy elements when they need to fill open delivery associate positions. Just about a year after we wrapped the original project, Room & Board approached us to work with them again on a second recruitment project. This time around, we have a new position to work with, more tools and resources, and a great foundation to build from. Working with Room & Board is different from the ongoing campaign work we typically perform, but what we’re focused on is solving client problems, which is exactly what we’ve done and continue to do with Room & Board. They truly are a great partner.

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