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Generated over $161,000 in Revenue in the last 12 Months. 

Centrifuges. Ever heard of them? They’re massive pieces of equipment used in many industries - from dairy to bio-pharm - to help separate fluids into different densities. They are both incredibly important and incredibly expensive. And, Separators Inc. does something that no one else in the industry can claim. They remanufacture centrifuges. This factor, along with the company's excellent customer service philosophy, makes for an above average centrifuge provider. Separators Inc. needed a website to match. 

Niche & Industry Thought Leader

You might think creating a website for a company that sells centrifuges would be a less than exciting project for us. Inaccurate. After learning about how Separators is at the forefront of the industry through their thought leadership, our team became steadfast believers. Sure, we didn’t understand the industry at first (talk about technical!), but we were eager to create a compelling website that would generate leads and help Separators shine like the star they are within their industry.


Their Challenge

As an innovator in their industry, Separators, Inc. came to Leighton Interactive looking for a website redesign to stand out from their competitors. Separators was looking for a new website that would speak to their personas. They represent a technical, data-driven background, so it had to be more than beautiful design. It had to work. The content had to be intelligently crafted for their target persona and the website had to offer conversion opportunities that would attract that specific user. Separators wanted their website to be user-centric. Here’s what we were working with:

  • A strict budget and timeline - ideate, design, develop, and launch within 60 days
  • Limited visual resources - especially a lack of photos
  • Highly technical information
  • Five areas of business - Centrifuges and Service are their bread and butter, but they also provide parts, consulting, and technology services

It was also a top priority to craft a website that was a valuable tool for their sales team. A website that not only converted online, but something they could point to as a resource. They wanted more from their website than an online brochure. They wanted a website the truly represented their innovative company and culture.


Our Solution

With a strict budget and timeline, we got straight to work to uncover the the wants, needs, and dreams for the Separators’ website from both the perspective of the Separators team and more importantly, Separators’ ideal customers. We created personas for which the content for the website would be created. Key term research was also completed to identify the best SEO solution, as well as guide content creation.

After the research process, we created wireframes to help our internal team and Separators visualize the website - this is an opportunity to get client feedback before we jump too far into design. Next was the hefty creation of content which takes into consideration persona research, market data, industry knowledge, client insight and interview, SEO/KTR, and wireframes.

Finally, armed with awesome, technical and optimized content, we started the actual website design process. We were able to find a perfect balance of using the images Separators had and using graphical elements that were reminiscent of the industry. The client approved the design and we moved into development. The website was built on the HubSpot COS as this was the best long-term solution for the client. It allowed us to launch the website quickly and efficiently.

Stats Galore!

After the late March site launch …

In Users


Quenton Lind | VP of Sales & Marketing, Separators, Inc.

The Results

The new website in late March, 2017. Before the new design, they were getting 400-700 visits per month. After launch, they received an average of 35 leads per month and 700-1,100 visits.

Over 12 months we've seen a 33 percent increase in Users, 38 percent increase in Sessions, 19 percent increase in Pageviews, nearly 10,000 visits (compared to their average of 6,000 the year prior), 436 leads, 17 Customers, and $161,100 revenue generated.

In addition, all of their landing pages now have exceptional conversion rates, 10 percent - 32 percent. That’s a pretty big improvement especially when you consider they hardly had any opportunities to convert on their previous website. They also went from ranking for 260 organic terms to now ranking for over 310 terms.

We’ve moved from a website project into several inbound marketing campaigns. We’ve built offers, written blogs, and continuously improved their website in the year since our story began.





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