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258% increase in sales qualified leads in the first 12 months

When we first partnered with Walker Methodist, they had a serious lack of brand awareness. When we looked at their service footprint, their multiple locations, and the sheer number of people who relied on them for housing and services, it was shocking to learn how unknown they were. So, our partnership began with a very clear goal: create brand awareness that showed people who they are, what they do, and what their mission is. Secondary to awareness, our partners at Walker Methodist also wanted to rise above their competition, increase overall visibility, and establish themselves as a progressive thought leader in their industry. It was their hope that by strengthening these core areas, their primary goal would be supported: increase occupancy. We couldn’t wait to get started.

About Walker Methodist

Walker Methodist is a faith-based, non-profit senior living organization that’s been serving older adults since 1945. As an organization, Walker Methodist provides housing, healthcare, rehabilitation, and services to seniors and the people who support them. They own, operate, and manage 11 senior living communities intended to enhance the lives of their residents. Walker Methodist strives to ease the burdens that stand in the way of living each day to its fullest, and they do it by staying focused on respect, imagination, and collaboration.


Their Challenge

Walker Methodist had a lot going on. With their (at the time) 10 locations, they had 10 separate teams, 10 lead tracking systems, and 10 different ways of doing things. They needed brand awareness as a way to unite their internal operations across locations just as much as they needed it to show the outside world who they were. And we were ready to help them do just that.


Our Solution

Our approach was two-fold: work to create awareness for Walker Methodist as a brand and establish them as a key player in the senior living industry. We dug in and really got to know who Walker Methodist was and how they wanted to present themselves to the world. We established a brand voice and began filling their website with blog topics that spoke directly to their website visitors.

We did all of this using an inbound marketing methodology.

Next, we created free, downloadable offers that helped their website visitors get to know the senior living industry and prepare for transitioning into a new home at their own pace. We provided many opportunities for website visitors to get to know Walker Methodist as a brand, too. With all this content, we developed workflows that simultaneously educated and nurtured potential residents to consider Walker Methodist.

Stats Galore!

Increase in
Website Visits
Increase in
Blog Views
Increase in

“Our biggest goal was brand awareness for Walker Methodist. There were perceptions Walker Methodist was one thing, when we were really a lot more than that. We had a goal of getting out more information to the right people about who we are, what we do, and what our mission is. Inbound marketing did all of that for us.”

Anneliese Peterson | VP of Operations, Walker Methodist

The Results

Before partnering with us for inbound marketing, Walker Methodist knew what they wanted, but they were unsure how to get themselves there. We listened to their needs, took stock of their goals, and put a plan in place to help them get where they wanted to go. For three consecutive years, we worked alongside Walker Methodist building out and executing marketing campaigns. With the wealth of resources and pathways built into their website, it continues to function as a sales tool and achieve its intended goal.






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