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Their Challenge

Webber has been a longstanding client, because of our unique relationship. We know they are the industry experts. In turn, they know we are the marketing experts. Respecting their knowledge of the industry and they, our marketing expertise, our worlds perfectly collide to create a force of (automotive marketing) nature.

Webber Family Motors of Detroit Lakes has their hand in a few different trades. They run an automotive company as well as a dock and lift design and installation service in the Detroit Lakes area. They are family owned, as their new name suggests, and came to Leighton Interactive wanting to mesh their values with their outdated brand.

We inquired about what they truly dreamed of accomplishing with our service and their aspiration was for clients, when they hear a radio advertisement and go to their website or see a Webber digital ad, all hear or see a cohesive message. They wanted the people and the story to not only reflect Webber’s culture and values, but from radio to storefront the customer feels as if they’ve known them their whole life – like family.


Our Solution

The most common issue in the automotive industry is its competitive nature. The industry is constantly shifting with consumer behavior. Today, most car research is done online, so people aren’t going into the store to test-drive a vehicle. We had to keep this at the forefront of our strategy to stay visible, relevant, current, and original.

Webber’s family culture was also great canvas to build their brand upon and we wanted to really dig into those values, so they could shine through their marketing efforts. Their original name, Detroit Lakes Ford, was a generic title for a not-so-generic business. When coming to us for a brand revamp, they wanted to express their values and mission through their company name and marketing materials. We knew the perfect solution: it all leads back to the buyer. People want to buy from people. It may be cliché but it’s true. At that moment Webber Family Motors was (re)born.

Stats Galore!

Link Clicks
Increse In
Post Engagements

"Working with Webber Family Motors on creating a unified marketing message has been a highly engaging process over the last several years. We manage all creative direction, negotiate traditional and digital media buying, draft their radio scripts, and execute inbound marketing on their behalf, and much more. It’s been a great opportunity for us to support the Webber team and a family owned, community-centered company. "

Emily Pederson | Account Manager, Leighton Interactive

The Results

By switching their name to a more personable brand, we were better able to reach their audience and deliver what their clientele was looking for. Since June of 2017, their Twitter has received 300 link clicks, 153 replies, and 795,100 impressions. Their Facebook, just in the last 28 days, has seen a 47 percent increase in both reach and post engagements. If you really want to get to know Webber like we know Webber, you should check out their Backseat Confessions. Their rebrand has helped their company solidify their mission and values through what they know best - family.

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