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Their Challenge

As is sometimes the case in the construction business, Winkleman Building Co. LLC, based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, was faced with long sales cycles. They needed help with branding and content marketing. Our team was on the case.


Our Solution

Initially, Winkelman came to us for a website redesign. We leveraged our knowledge of the construction industry and crafted a marketing plan to go with that new website. Our team helped Winkelman focus their branding on sustainability. We developed a brand book that details Winkelman’s mission, history, and focus. Finally, we helped them gain ground  in their industry by developing blogs, newsletters, and eBooks.

Stats Galore!

In two years, the content strategy resulted in a…

Increase in
organic visits

"Working with Winkelman was such an incredible pleasure. We were able to help them achieve a website that served their clients with a great user experience, and we had the opportunity to craft some amazing content around the innovative projects the company had worked on."

Jen Keul | Vice President, Leighton Interactive

The Results

So much of what goes into the commercial construction industry is dependent upon a strong brand reputation and network of referrals. Positioning Winkelman as a company with both provided them ample opportunity for new business - including being a well known and sought after for senior living - a large sector of today's commercial builds. Through our combined efforts, the company's social network showcased growth, expertise, and the priceless value of community.



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