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Two is Better Than One

Leighton Digital + Leighton Broadcasting

Leighton Broadcasting believes in, and has a reputation for, delivering results through consistent brand positioning. Over the past 60 years, Leighton Broadcasting has perfected the art of partnering with local businesses in the communities they serve, through their proven process. This process is rooted in strategic, valuable partnerships.

Leighton Digital has the same belief and has a proven process to deliver results through digital and inbound marketing partnerships. Powered by Leigthon Interactive, the Leighton Digital team has been committed to delivering results for clients for over 10 years. 

Working with Leighton Broadcasting and Leighton Digital provides a comprehensive approach to marketing, advertising, branding, and promoting your company. Scroll down to learn more about how you could utilize this powerful combination. 

Who is Leighton Digital?

Leighton Digital is a division of Leighton Enterprises, and powered by the team at Leighton Interactive, a marketing agency who believes in partnerships and our goal is to help companies grow. We believe that marketing is a direct revenue generating force. We are passionate about improving and growing our expertise to serve our mission: "Solve for the client." That phrase is our guide and keeps us focused on marketing and sales solutions that make an impact.

You'll hear us talk about inbound marketing. A lot. To us, the inbound marketing methodology is about seeking to understand first and beginning with the end in mind. This is a central tenant to our strategies and campaigns to effectively interact, engage, and convert strangers into believers. Learn more about the inbound marketing methodology



Content Marketing

Social Media

Paid Media

Digital Audio/Streaming Audio


Our Process


  • Discovery session: listen, learn, uncover and absorb your company culture
  • Buyer persona: understand your buyer and their decision-making journey
  • Pull data and analytics: analyze and build recommendations


  • Review the tools and technologies and make recommendations
  • Define the work and plan of action
  • Determine success and how we will measure the impact


  • Execute on the work agreed upon
  • Train how to do components necessary to empower future success


  • Review and report regularly on if the work is working
  • Iterate where needed to kit KPI’s set

Our Awards

Get In Touch

Thank you for taking the time to look through some of the resources we have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we could do for you and your company, just let me know!

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