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Covid-19 has changed life for nearly every organization and individual across the globe. While many of the changes have been stressful and challenging, a potentially positive byproduct of the pandemic has been an acceleration of technology adoption and innovation across industries that may have otherwise stayed stagnant. Carlos Abler is no stranger to the implementation of new technology. His past professional experience, as well as his volunteer efforts with organizations like the World Summit Awards, has given him a rich understanding of user interaction and the need for innovation. Join us for episode two of the Rally for Results, as we unpack these topics.


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All Episodes

Ep 1

The Center of Human Desire

Thu, March 5, 2020

Guest: Dan Soldner, President, Leighton Interactive

Ep 2

Innovation in a Crisis

Tue, May 26, 2020

Guest: Carlos Abler, Board of Directors, GiveMN