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Your Community

Your brand is more than your logo.

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Your brand is a community

And just as there are many facets and important elements to a community, the same goes for your brand. From your brand intention, to your culture, your voice, messaging, identity, and all of the visuals and icons that hold it all it together – all of these working together in tandem is what your brand is. We're here to help you find your purpose, clarify your culture's message, and develop how it looks and sounds from your logo to the last word on your website.

You build a brand to gain commitment. It starts with commitment to your consumers and your customers, and in turn, your brand will earn theirs. Keep delivering on that intention – ultimately, your brand intention – and you will have your own community of believers, evangelists, and promoters. This is why we start with branding at Leighton Interactive. Everything we do derives from your brand, and stays consistent with your community.

So what else goes into a strong brand?

Why? Start here.

People buy why you do what you do, they don’t buy the what. Why are you in the business or industry you’re in? This is where you drive loyalty within your community. When you decide what’s most important for your brand, the infrastructure of your company will emerge and you will have a great foundation to build upon. Take a look at how we’ve helped our clients define their WHY.

Can you define your why? Chances are if you can’t, neither can your customers. 

Your Primal Nature

Patrick Hanlon’s Primal Branding: Create Zealots for Your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future lays great groundwork for how Leighton Interactive works with you to define your branding. Hanlon’s suggestion of thinking about your brand like a belief system automatically is supported by what he states are the seven components that will help capture and delight your community.

  • Creation Story
  • Creed
  • Icons
  • Rituals
  • Pagans
  • Sacred Words
  • Leader

Brand Intention

Your brand’s intention is in how you continue to bring value to people who interact with your brand. Part reputation, part mission and values, and all in how you tell your story, your brand intention is the overarching definition of how and why you serve your community and its marketplace.

Work Examples

Work-Next-Monday-600x600.jpg glacial.jpg CWTPLogo-600x300.jpg eleyo_copy.png webber.jpg MSpark.jpg
Branding Case Study: Glacial Wood  Learn what custom-made steps went into Glacial Wood's brand makeover Download Now