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Kain & Scott

The attorneys we're proud to promote.

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They say you never forget your first. This is very true in the case of Kain & Scott. They were our very first inbound marketing client. The fact that they are still our inbound marketing client, well, that’s proof that our work works. Our company was originally founded as a way to service our friends at Leighton Broadcasting. They had traditional media clients who wanted something more, and we gave them something more.

Kain & Scott
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Kain & Scott’s wish was for a website that was warm, professional, and inviting for their clients. At first we agreed to create a new logo that would partially rebrand their organization. In the end, we did a website redesign that fulfilled their wishes, at the same time as fulfilling their inbound marketing needs.

New Website New Business

At the inception of our partnership, Kain & Scott was practicing as Lund, Kain, & Scott. Instead of a solo focus as a bankruptcy law firm, they also practiced mediation, divorce, and family law. Shortly after we were tasked with their website redesign, they redesigned their entire firm. They became just Kain & Scott, attorneys and partners who had over 47 years of combined bankruptcy experience, and narrowed their specialty to just that- bankruptcy.

It was clear our job was going to get bigger as Kain & Scott settled into their new focus and they needed Leighton Interactive to communicate that. We went from creating a logo to creating an identity. We went from redesigning a website to redesigning their future. They needed to focus on growth instead of sustainability. They needed to remove the stigma associated with financial hardships, and encourage clients to seek help.

We revisited the warm, professional, and inviting themes important to Kain & Scott and we got to work. We value confidence, ethics, honesty, and transparency at Leighton Interactive and found ourselves working with attorneys- what could have been a challenge was far from it.

Kain & Scott had one goal: find the people who needed their help. They wanted to encourage them to ask for it. Breakdown the stereotypes both attorneys and the people they defend often have. And they asked Leighton Interactive to do it.


You can’t have interpersonal relationships without it getting personal from time to time. The relationship we had with Kain & Scott was no exception. As we worked to build their new marketing platform, we dealt primarily with Kain & Scott’s marketing director. After six months, a technical issue revealed itself in a server’s function, and making a long story short, over 20 form submissions (i.e. leads) were discovered, having never been delivered. That was our proof, what we told Kain & Scott we would deliver.

Except, it couldn’t count because it wasn’t delivered. It was a learning experience for both sides and some hard decisions had to be made. Our reputation was on the line where both Kain & Scott as well as Leighton Broadcasting were concerned. We reiterated how driven and passionate we were, promising to continue to work as hard as necessary in the name of our client’s success. Some of inbound marketing’s best practices are trust and building rapport. What better way than out of the ashes, right?


What came next was beautiful. The trust was established and a solid, productive foundation was built on which Kain & Scott and Leighton Interactive stood together. We gained access to work directly with the attorneys, straight to the source. We uncovered their pain points. We had been delivering great content but not driving traffic back to it, and we needed ways to convert the qualified leads into customers.

We engaged their audience and created a sense of urgency when it came to their financial situations. We situated Kain & Scott at the top of the audience’s mind when it came to bankruptcy resources using our inbound practices, and we accurately portrayed the attorneys as the warm, comfortable, and honest individuals they actually are, solidifying their brand. They don’t judge you. They help you.


In the first year, our efforts yielded 132 leads, of which 102 requested an appointment with Kain & Scott, and 60 percent became paying clients by filing a bankruptcy.


Except the rest of it isn’t history, it’s the future. Kain & Scott are opening eight new locations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area in 2015. Their conversion funnel for client attraction just got really, really wide- we should know, we’re helping them with that. They’re challenging the way Minnesotans think about financial distress, encouraging everyone to sign up for a free consultation.

Kain & Scott is projecting their ROI with Leighton Interactive doubles this year from the last. They’ve adopted our ways of attracting, converting, closing, and delighting their clients. We’ve nearly completely changed the way Kain & Scott communicate, and we can legitimately say these attorneys are the good guys.

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