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Rally For Results

It’s Time For A New Perspective

Rally for Results is a marketing and sales vodcast that covers the innovative things companies and individuals are doing to unite their sales and marketing for some really epic results. Your host, Clare Richards, interviews a new guest each episode to uncover what they are doing within their organizations and in their lives to generate remarkable outcomes.


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It’s Time To Rally Your Team

What’s a vodcast, you ask? Video + podcast. Why settle for one when you can have both? The show is designed for people who need just a little Rally in their life. Each show runs less than an hour and is dedicated to all sorts of goodness, including:

  • How to facilitate growth within your organization
  • Tips to stay motivated and inspired
  • How to better connect with real humans
  • Trends and hot topics that are worth talking about ... And those that aren’t
  • How to build inspired teams
  • Insight on the future of sales, marketing, and business
  • How to set worthwhile business and personal goals
  • And topics listeners like you contribute to the think tank!

We’re dedicated to uniting and celebrating the people in the trenches of marketing and sales each day. We exist to arm those warriors with the knowledge that can help change the trajectory of their businesses and personal lives for the better. Here’s to the Rally. Thanks for joining us!


Your Host, Clare Richards

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All Episodes

Ep 1

The Center of Human Desire

Thu, March 5, 2020

Guest: Dan Soldner, President, Leighton Interactive

Ep 2

Innovation in a Crisis

Tue, May 26, 2020

Guest: Carlos Abler, Board of Directors, GiveMN

Ep 3

Navigating a Business During and After COVID-19

Fri, July 24, 2020

Guest: Jeff Gau, CEO, Marco

Ep 4

Uncommon Sense Advice to Help Your Sales Team Fly High

Fri, September 4, 2020

Guest: Brian Kavicky, VP and Co-Owner, Lushin